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Sensible Diet Tips

 Here is a running collection of diet tips from some of our regular users:

  •  Have a food diary.  Write down EVERYTHING you eat and the associated calories.  Even if you have a bad day, keep writing down everything.  Most people have no idea how many calories they consume every day, and every week.
  •  Don’t give up everything.  Losing weight is about eating reasonable amounts of food.  You can eat pizza.  You can have a cheeseburger.  You can go to McDonalds.  However, it does mean you may have to give up some other things at times.  It also means you may need to reduce your portions.  Instead of eating 1/2 of a pizza, cut back to 1/4.  If you give up everything, you will get frustrated and not be able to maintain the permanent lifestyle change.
  •  Drink enough water every day.  Not only does it flush your system, it also helps keep you full.
  •  Keep healthy foods in your house:  fresh veggies, fruits, low calorie snacks.  Try to eliminate the things you can’t resist.
  •  Be transparent with others of what you are trying to do.  People want you to be successful… but they need to know what you are trying to do.
  •  Exercise every day.  Do this when you find yourself eating uncontrollably, if possible.  This will not kill your cravings, but you will also burn some calories.
  •  Weigh yourself no more than once per day.  It’s better if you do it once per week.  Remember, you are typically only going to lose a couple of pounds a week so don’t get discouraged if you haven’t dropped major pounds every time you weight yourself.

 Keep the tips coming…!  Post them on the forum and we will pull them over to this post every so often. 


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