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There are five key reasons people fail at losing weight

Why do so many people fail at losing weight?  Laziness? Food addictions? Hereditary?  While all of these things may be contributors, failure is often because of these factors: 
  • People don’t truly understand the major health risks of being overweight.  Why do most want to lose weight?  Most would say to look better.  Looking better certainly is a benefit of losing weight, but this shouldn’t be the sole reason to lose weight.  There is a 1000 pound gorilla in the room and it’s often ignored.  Obesity kills millions of people each year.  Thousands of studies have shown and prove without any doubt that losing body fat will improve and lengthen your life. Knowing the dangers of being overweight is a tremendous motivator to lose weight and keep it off.
  • People don’t commit to permanent lifestyle changes.  So many people think of a “diet” as something temporary. Often people on ”diets” restrict themselves excessively and create a miserable situation.  Sooner or later failure is inevitable because of the unreasonable demands of most “diets.”  Some diets have very strict guidelines such as only eating certain foods, eliminating all carbs, etc.  The key to losing weight long term is to make gradual lifestyle changes you can stick to forever.
  • Most individuals are not provided the truthful facts of losing weight and becoming healthier. With the conflicting information in the media, and all of the different lose weight quick fad diets, it’s understandable why so many people really don’t know the truth about losing fat and keeping it off long term. is committed to providing you with honest and truthful information on how to lose body fat and keep it off.
  • Our own warped thought process often ruins our efforts to lose weight.  For example, some people justify binging or giving up because they hit a small road-block. This isn’t an all or nothing game. For example, when I was overweight, if I ate an unhealthy lunch, I’d go ahead and eat an unhealthy dinner and snack all night since I already “messed up” the day. Or I’d say,  I’ll start eating healthy on Monday since I’ve already eaten poorly this weekend.”  Every person at times eats too much.  Successful people will not let a road bump completely derail their entire lifestyle change. If you are not implementing positive lifestyle changes and losing weight, you are gaining weight. Again, there is no “in-between.”
  • Most people don’t realize how many calories they are eating and burning each day.  So many overweight people eat thousands of extra calories without realizing it.  It’s tough to know if you are gaining weight or losing weight each day unless you are keeping an eye on what you’re consuming.  It’s vital to write down what you consume on a daily basis.  Then cross reference the calories you’re eating with the calories you burn.  Use the calculators on to help you determine calories burned.
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